Opal Cool Sleep Pad


The coolest pad you’ll ever have! The Opal Cool Sleep Pad at 80° delivers surprisingly cool comfort for up to an hour and provides soothing relief for a good night’s sleep. The cooling technology activates when it comes in contact with your hot body and refreshes to cool state when not in use – no refrigeration required! Cool Solutions and Uses:
  • Perfect for self-care and sleep wear, this pad is designed for every hot body.
  • Rest comfortably on the pad to cool hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Enjoy soothing relief for symptoms of MS and heat stress.
  • Relax sore muscles and ease back pains.
  • May also be used on office chairs, wheelchairs, and hospital beds.
Opal Cool products are made with plant-based cooling phase change material (PCM) that can be applied directly to the skin for safe, soothing, and enjoyable cooling therapy without the worry of uncomfortable ice burns or frostbite. Learn more about Opal Cool’s use of PCM technology here.