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Our innovative phase change technology is clinically-tested and risk-free.

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Our innovative phase change technology is clinically-tested and risk-free.

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Phase Change Material
is specifically formulated for cooling therapy.
Safer than Ice
No ice burn/no frostbite
May place directly on skin
Long Lasting
Maintains optimal temperature for 58° products for 1 hour; 80° products for 2 hours

Clinically Tested
Physician recommended FDA registered Class One medical device
Pulls Heat Away From Injured Area
What People Are Saying About Us
Working in PPE is an extremely hot and sweaty experience that is truly miserable at times. These bra inserts have seriously made a difference at work and have really improved my comfort level.
- Julie B., Healthcare Worker
I used the Opal Chill Wrap to help me with my hot flashes. I had no idea it would totally eliminate them! Thank you for such an amazing product.
- Meg Stumpf
[OnyxCool Shoulder] has been a real blessing in this recovery process!
- Doris Dose
As someone with MS for the last 15+ years the cool wrap is a life changer.
- Kari Amundson
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Our Brands

Opal Cool

Clinically tested cool therapy products for hot women at every stage of life, from motherhood through menopause, and to treat MS and heat stress.

Designed by women, for women, and made in America.

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ONYX COOL's therapeutic products wraps have been clinically tested to provide safe, effective pain relief.

Compared to other cool therapy methods, post-surgical patients using ONYX COOL reported higher satisfaction scores and reduced use of pain medication.

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WARMMS Therapy

Infrared Heat Therapy. Manage Pain and Recover Faster. Get the Benefits of Exercise without the Risk. Increase Heart Rate, Burn Calories and Boost Metabolism.

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Our Story
Delivering drug-free, natural therapies for health and wellness
We founded Xena Therapies in December 2019 and began manufacturing cool therapy products in February 2020, one month before the start of a global pandemic. We launched with a mission to deliver drug-free, natural therapies for health and wellness – starting with cool products made in the cool State of Minnesota.

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Self Care

Recover faster from injury and manage pain without medication.
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Medical Professionals

Help your patients recover faster and reduce dependence on pain medication.
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