Infrared Heat Therapy

Recover and Restore

Manage Pain and Recover Faster. 

Get the Benefits of Exercise without the Risk.

Increase Heart Rate, Burn Calories and Boost Metabolism.

Multiple Therapies in One Platform

Delivering key health benefits via the following treatments and features:

Infrared Radiant Heat
Dynamic Dry Heat
Multi-Wavelength Ambient Light
Vibrating Massage + Exercise Table
Compression Leg Massage
Himalayan Salt Therapy
Cooling Facial Air System

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Get the benefits of working out without the work. For your Warmms session, wear light clothing: shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. Bring a towel to lay on and use following your session.

Benefits of Working Out

without the work

  • Burn Calories + Boost Metabolism

  • Improve Circulation + Heart Health

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Relieve Pain + Restore Mobility

  • Cognitive Benefits + Brain Health

  • Reduce Anxiety + Stress 

  • Sleep Health

  • Release Toxins + Rejuvenate Cells

  • Skin Health

A Personalized Sauna

Buy or Lease

WARMMS pod are available for purchase or lease for your clinic, fitness club, recovery area, wellness studio, retail space, workplace or home. For more info, contact Mitch Abrahamsen.

$1,500 month
6 month minimum
Technical Specifications

Height Closed: 46'' / 117cm
Height Open: 89'' / 226cm
Length: 89'' / 226cm
Widest Point: 35'' / 89cm

260lbs / 118kg

Voltage: 220V 50/60 Hz Amperage: Dedicated circuit 20 Amp

Relax and Restore

WARMMS offers the health benefits of heat therapy without the unpleasantness of breathing hot humid air. Unlike a sauna, your head rests comfortably outside the pod, cooled by circulating air.

Relax and rejuvenate as your head rests comfortably outside the WARMMS pod, cooled by circulating air. You control the settings to customize your experience with temperatures ranging from 104º F (low/power nap) to 194 º (high hyperthermic).

Your body temperature safely increases to achieve therapeutic benefits faster and more comfortably than in traditional saunas. Steady perspiration opens and unclogs pores, releasing toxins and impurities. Heart rate and metabolism increases as calories and fat are burned in a passive, relaxing setting.

Rest easy: the WARMMS pod is cleaned after every use.

WARMMS is ideal for people physically restricted from exercise.

Regular exercise is an effective, drug-free treatment that can prevent and reduce the incidence of various age-related chronic diseases.

However, only about 27% of the adult population in the United States engages in exercise at the recommended level to prevent chronic disease.

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that regular passive heat stress treatments can provide exercise-like benefits for people who cannot exercise.

Passive heat therapies are well-tolerated by most individuals regardless of age or physical condition. Unlike intense prescribed exercise programs, the enjoyment and ease of passive heat therapies results in high patient compliance and adherence to recurring sessions.

The WARMMS Wellness Program puts patients on a path to better health with 20-40 minute sessions, 1-3 times per week, and is easier and more enjoyable than a traditional exercise program.

Passive Heat Therapy: Benefits of Exercise Without Risk or Pain

WARMMS infrared heath therapy delivers many of the same metabolic and physiological responses experienced during exercise:
Increased heart rate
Increased respiration
Increased body temperature

WARMMS is ideal for people physically restricted from exercise.

It's a safe alternative for the elderly, the obese, the physically disabled, and for stable heart disease patients under doctor supervision.

The WARMMS Wellness Program puts patients on a 12-week path to better health. Over the course of four weeks, patients take part in three, 40-minute sessions. The WARMMS Wellness Program is easier and more enjoyable than a traditional exercise program.

About The Program

WARMMS Heat Therapy Benefits

Weight management

Diabetes and Metabolic disorders

Chronic pain management

for lower back injuries, osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions

Improved immune function and anti-inflammatory response

Reduced stress and anxiety

Improved sleep patterns

Improved cognitive functions

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