Our Story

Cool solutions for sports injuries, breastfeeding moms, menopause, MS and heat stress.

Wearable Therapies Made in America.

Our Story

We founded Xena Therapies in December 2019 and began manufacturing cool therapy products in February 2020, one month before the start of a global pandemic. We launched with a mission to deliver drug-free, natural therapies for health and wellness – starting with cool products made in the cool State of Minnesota.

Our sporty line, ONYX COOL, makes wearable therapies for orthopedic injuries, MS, heat stress and safety.

Our sassy sister company, Opal, makes cool products for hot women at every age and stage of life – from pregnant and breastfeeding moms through menopause and to treat symptoms of MS. Both brands are FDA-registered as Class I medical devices and feature a specially formulated cooling phase change material.

In addition to manufacturing Made in America cooling products, we also license other medical technologies and health and wellness products. Our WARMMS infrared heat therapy pod has 17 different therapeutic technologies to help manage pain, maintain healthy weight and improve sleep and mood.

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