Opal Cool Wrap


Goodbye hot flashes, heat stress and fatigue; Hello-yes to coolness! The Opal Cool Wrap provides soothing relief and natural cool therapy for perimenopause, menopause, MS and heat stress.  It’s also a safe, drug-free alternative to hormone replacement therapy and provides soothing relief for breast cancer survivors and chemo-induced menopause. For women with menopause, it has been clinically shown to significantly reduce the number, duration, and frequency of hot flashes in most women by up to 75% after four weeks of use. How it works: The Opal Cool Wrap delivers consistent and comforting 58° cool therapy for the chest, upper back and shoulder areas -- where hot flashes originate in the chest and trigger sweating throughout the upper body. For more scientific information on the menopause study, visit here. The Opal Cool Wrap has also been clinically shown to provide soothing relief for symptoms of MS. 75% of women in the study reported good to excellent results in relieving their symptoms of MS – including better quality of life measures such as sleep and energy levels. Opal Cool products are made with plant-based cooling phase change material (PCM) that can be applied directly to the skin for safe, soothing, and enjoyable cooling therapy without the worry of uncomfortable ice burns or frostbite. Learn more about Opal Cool’s use of PCM technology here.