Opal Gal Pals


Meet Your New Breast Friends! For breast care to workout wear, these cooling breast pads pair well with every hot woman: pregnant and breastfeeding moms; perimenopause and menopause; MS and heat stress; breast cancer warriors; boob sweat season.

Where to wear? Top of boob, side-boob, under-boob - these breast friends are up for anything.

Opal Gal Pals come in sets of four and are available in two temps:

  • 58° Chill (designed for cool therapy and relief / re-cools in the refrigerator in 20 minutes)
  • 80° Go (designed for cool comfort and travels well / re-cools at room temperature in 30 minutes).

Both temp options stay cool for 20-40 minutes (depending on how hot you are).

Opal Cool products are made with plant-based cooling phase change material (PCM) that can be applied directly to the skin for safe, soothing, and enjoyable cooling therapy without the worry of uncomfortable ice burns or frostbite.

Learn more about Opal Cool’s use of PCM technology here.