Game On! Pain off.

Safer than ice. Clinically tested cool therapy for active recovery.

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Menopause: Meet Your Match

Drug free relief for hot flashes. Natural therapy and 75% fewer flashes.

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Live Your Best with MS

Clinically tested. 75% of users reported good to excellent results for MS relief.

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Turn up the Heat on your Health

WARMMS Infrared Heat Therapy for Recovery

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    What They're Saying About Us

    Working in PPE is an extremely hot and sweaty experience that is truly miserable at times. These bra inserts have seriously made a difference at work and have really improved my comfort level.
    - Julie B., Healthcare Worker
    I used the Opal Chill Wrap to help me with my hot flashes. I had no idea it would totally eliminate them! Thank you for such an amazing product.
    - Meg Stumpf
    [OnyxCool Shoulder] has been a real blessing in this recovery process!
    - Doris Dose
    As someone with MS for the last 15+ years the cool wrap is a life changer.
    - Kari Amundson
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